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  • iRacing
  • D License or higher (Road and Oval)
  • iRating of 2500 or more (Road or Oval)
  • Regular race participation
  • Regular sharing and collaboration with the team in regard of your race activities on iRacing

Our Hiring Process:

  • Fill the contact form
  • Our team management will read the application
  • We will contect you for futher discussion
  • Shared participation in racing events on sample (up to 2 months)
  • Internal vote on final recruitment

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You and Trinity Motorsports:

Why do you want to join Trinity Motorsports? Do you know any of our members? What do you expect to get from Trinity Motorsports? What can we expect from you? What sim racing specific skills do you bring to Trinity Motorsports? Have you been on a racing team before? If yes who and why are you leaving?

About you:

What is your primary Language? Can you read and write German (team communication is in German, English possible)? How much time do you spend sim racing in a week? Where are you geographically located? Tell us about your non-sim life: school, work, relationships, hobbies, etc. Does your living situation prevent you from racing a certain times (neighbors, children, parents, spouse)?

About Sim Racing:

How do you consider sim racing in your life? What are your long term goals in sim racing? What car/series do you see yourself racing? How many series do you normally race in a season? Do you race in league series? What skill area are you looking to improve the most (setups, driving, results, etc.)? What do you find most challenging in your current series?

Real world racing:

Do you have any real world racing experience? If yes tell us about it.

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